Best Dentists in 17402

We know it’s important to find the best dentist near you in 17402. That’s why we have sourced the top dentists in 17402 to make it easier to find the right dental care in your neighborhood.Dentists in 17402 have an average review of 3.77.

Dentist Density in 17402

17402 has a Dentist Density score of 38.5% which is lower than the national average. This means you’ll likely have little trouble making a dentist appointment in 17402!
Read more about the methodology behind our Dentist Density score here.

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Aesthetic Dental Arts, PC
Average Review 2340 Eastern Blvd, York, PA 17402
4.8/5 (134 Reviewers) (717) 755-4143
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Yorktowne Dental Family Practice
Average Review 2851 Eastern Blvd, York, PA 17402
4.1/5 (19 Reviewers) (717) 757-9614
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Market Street Dental PC
Average Review 1820 E Market St, East York, PA 17402
4.7/5 (33 Reviewers) (717) 757-3851
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Sipes Dental
Average Review 2870 Carol Rd, York, PA 17402
3.7/5 (3 Reviewers) (717) 755-0244
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Aspen Dental
Average Review 2803 Concord Rd, York, PA 17402
3.8/5 (138 Reviewers) (717) 547-9714
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Heritage Dental Studio
Average Review 3150 E Market St, York, PA 17402
5/5 (3 Reviewers) (717) 755-2817
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Complete Dental of York
Average Review 3013 E Market St Ste. 100, East York, PA 17402
3.7/5 (30 Reviewers) (717) 430-4360
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Donald H. Currie, DMD
Average Review 800 Edgewood Rd #4, East York, PA 17402
5/5 (28 Reviewers) (717) 757-3214
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Children’s Dental Health of York
Average Review 2820 Whiteford Rd, York, PA 17402
3.3/5 (36 Reviewers) (717) 885-9080
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Bowser Dentistry
Average Review 2161 E Market St, East York, PA 17402
4.6/5 (11 Reviewers) (717) 757-3474
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Zimliki Family Dental
Average Review 2855 Eastern Blvd, York, PA 17402
5/5 (1 Reviewers) (717) 755-1007
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Gentle Dental
Average Review 6-D Waterford Professional Center Building #2, Suite, York, PA 17402
3.9/5 (7 Reviewers) (717) 755-0114
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Average Review 3015 Eastern Blvd Ste 1, York, PA 17402
5/5 (6 Reviewers) (717) 755-5525
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Veasey B. Cullen Jr, DMD
Average Review 2300 Eastern Blvd, York, PA 17402
0/5 (0 Reviewers) (717) 755-1200
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The Center For Dental Excellence – East York
Average Review 2835 Eastern Blvd, York, PA 17402
0/5 (0 Reviewers) (717) 757-4611
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Here are some helpful tips for when you’re trying to find the best dentist in your area:

  • First and foremost, check their hours to make sure that the dentist’s schedule matches yours.
  • Check with their local office to make sure that they take your dental insurance. Or if you don’t have insurance, ask about rates for different procedures to make sure you aren’t paying too much out of pocket.
  • If you have special needs, like dental anxiety, or a specific medical history that might be important, make sure to discuss these topics openly at your first appointment.
  • Don’t be afraid to pick a new dentist! If you don’t have a fantastic experience during your first appointment, find someone new.

Don’t have a preference and just want to find the right dentist for you in 17402? Give 1800-Dentist a try. They ask you a few questions and will get you connected quickly.

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